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Apparently, it's been a little more than a year (according to Deviant art) since I've had a weird dream. And by weird dream I mean the kind of dream that you can't understand and keep thinking about throughout the day.

This is what happened:

As Inception explained " never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what's going on." and that's exactly how this starts.

The dream started with the end of a conversation I had with a friend of mine when someone began talking while atop a booth. I sat in a lawn chair in a grassy plain with several other people, a few of which I new.

The person talked about something for a while when a group of people came by yelling something as to interrupt the speaker before saying, in Spanish, "Who has heard of Salvadorian drumming?"

Completely baffling before the sounds of drumming started. I couldn't see who was making the sound but there was some odd two snare drum set up next to me, which was not there a moment ago. Something compelled me to grab the pick up the nearest things I could find that will pass for drum sticks, which was a twig and petrified s'more on a stick (don't ask, makes no sense to me either), and commenced to start hitting the drums. The sound it made was odd, as one might expect, but something happened after a minute or so.

A piercing sound was heard. It didn't seem to have an origin but it lingered until everyone, including myself, noticed that it was dark now.

"It must be late." I thought, before noticing that, even though there were no light sources, the group of people, including myself, were all being illuminated. It was an odd sensation, as we all sat silently, until someone let out a started yell.

Everyone turned to the person who made the noise and gasped as his shirt had caught fire, around the left shoulder. He quickly put it out as the light faded, but before the light completely went out, a second person's clothing caught on fire, which made the odd orange illumination return, then another and another. Nobody burned as the fires were easy to put out.

That went on for about 30 seconds before I heard a voice in my head:

"Who is ready to pass through the gates?"

The voice had no origin, and didn't sound malicious or excited. It was simply asking a question.

A woman pointed behind me and everyone turned to look at a cave that had, at some point, risen out of the grassy plain. It was a dark thing with ragged edges as if it hadn't just risen out of the ground and we simply never noticed it. But the curious part was that there were now six floating figures about half a dozen feet away from the cave's mouth.

All the figures were the same; round with a lean shape, dead eyes that seem to change color (from black to white) if you averted your gaze, naked but without any defining features that made the person a male or female.

The figures weren't armed or carrying anything. They simply stood there in midair with their wings in mid flap, of no real color but if you looked at them you could see an image of something that seemed familiar but alien at the same time.

The figures stared at nobody in particular but I kept feeling a sense of being watched, I guessed we all did. They never moved, but people seemed to catch on fire more often when they were there, making the odd glow intensify. It is at this point that i realized that the glow wasn't being caused by the random fires, as the light didn't seem to dance around like a normal fire light would, but it seemed as if the glow was causing the fires.

A few people ran away and the glow followed them. It never detached from the circle surrounding everyone else, in stead it simply expanded to keep them included.

A man, the one that had been speaking, walked forward and began swearing and demanding to know who they were, before turning to us and falling dead  when the creature turned to look at him.

...and then I woke up at 12:49 at night. Oddly, the dream dissipated  from my head right after I woke up, as I fell asleep shortly after, but I remembered, in it's entirety when I woke up to go to work.

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